Tatiana Akoeva

Tatiana Akoeva was born in Russia, where since early childhood, age eleven on, her talents and interest in painting were developed in classical Russian art school traditions. She went on to earn her BFA in painting from North Ossetian Art College.

In 1991 she relocated to New York City from her residence in Moscow to study film and video making at the School of Visual Arts where she earned her BFA in 1999. Additionally she has attended numerous classes and workshops in figurative drawing and oil painting at SVA, the New School, the Art Student League and the New York Art Academy in Tribeca.

Tatiana'a first influences were the Old Masters as her early classical training emphasized skillful technical proficiency. Additional influences include impressionists and abstract expressionists, as well as diverse cinematic imagery. A love and appreciation for the spontaneous imagery of impressionists led to her summertime preference for plein air painting to capture the natural beauty of the landscapes where she has lived on Long Island's North Fork. Tatiana currently lives and works in Manhattan.

Her subject matter is diverse and ranges from still life, to figurative and landscape painting, all bound by a consistent stylistic handling of oil pigments in a harmonic sensual balance of color infused with light fluidly moving across canvas surfaces.

In her figurative work she engages her dreams to interpret internal emotional states and their relationship with external surroundings. Regardless of subject matter, oil paint surfaces are layered with subtle gradations of sensual color hues to evoke a a spiritual atmosphere and serene sensibility that transcends mere physicality.

Her love of beauty extends to the performing arts as she has studied classical ballet for over a decade. Tatiana's interests include writing and photography. She also enjoys gardening and is fluent in Russian, French and Italian.

Tatiana is represented by Xanadu Gallery Studios in Scottsdale Arizona